• Free online resources for learning
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    Free Online Learning Resouces

    I can still clearly remember the day my dad looked at me and said, “you would be a perpetual student if you could wouldn’t you?” My initial reaction was to get defensive. But the more I thought about the statement I recognize that he was right. I would happily be in classes of some kind for my whole life if I could find a way to afford it and have the needed time. Like many others, right now, I find my schedule less packed and myself at home more. So what better time to rediscover my love of learning and start taking some classes. One little problem, money is quite…

  • Reading sets us Free
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    Free Ways to Keep Reading

    Since we have more time at home right now Neil and I have decided that we want to challenge ourselves to start reading more. We have both been avid readers but we’ve allowed the business of life to pull us away from this beloved hobby. Even if it’s via audiobook, ebook, or Kindle, we will find a way to consume more books. Normally we would head to the library or local used book store to find our next great read but right now we are not going much of anywhere. So instead we have gotten creative and have found alternative ways to get great books for cheap or free. We…

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    Meal Planning

    It is a proven fact that we as humans can only make so many decisions in one day before reaching decision fatigue. So, when you’re facing the ever daunting task of making dinner and you just can’t make a decision, this is probably a reason why. So how can we help set ourselves up for success when it comes to dinner time? Meal Planning!! I know it sounds not fun. But once you get the hang of it, it really easy and is a super beneficial tool. And, if I am being completely transparent, I have come to enjoy doing it. Meal planning can not only help with your decision…

  • Drink more water
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    5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water.

    **First a quick disclaimer, I am not a doctor. Nor is any of this article intended to be medical advice. I encourage you to check in with your doctor about how they recommend identifying your true daily water intake needs and ensure that increasing your water intake will not affect any of your medications or medical conditions. We all know we should be drinking more water, and it really doesn’t sound like a difficult thing to accomplish. Yet how many of us are really accomplishing this goal? Heck, I am writing this article and I am still not consistent with meeting my water intake goals. Even though I know from…

  • Self Care is not Selfish
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    5 Easy Self Care Routine Tips and Tricks

    Things just seem to keep going sideways in the world right now. We have no forward movement. No fast way to improve things and quite often all we hear is the bad going on in our world. I know that all this turmoil and unrest is taking its toll on my emotional and mental health. I can see it in my behaviors, I can feel it in my body and I don’t like it. So, it is time to be more proactive and start ensuring I am utilizing Self Care to give myself ways to recharge and reset. I encourage you to do the same. What’s that you say? You…

  • Open sign in a small business window with caption "5 ways to save money while supporting small business
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    5 Ways to Save Money While Supporting Small Businesses.

    I will not be shocking anyone by saying that things in our world right now are hard. With a global pandemic, civil and political unrest in our country, and our “normal lives” being impacted pretty much on every level. I know those in my house are feeling very helpless to change anything about what is going on around us. We have no political power, we have very limited resources, what good can we truly do? My family has decided one thing we can do is support our small local businesses. Between being forced to be shut down during lockdowns, or functioning at a diminished capacity to meet guidelines and keep…

  • No Spend Challenge Pic
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    No-Spend Challenge – How and Why to do them.

    Why Did We Do Our First No-Spend Challenge? Throughout our relationship one consistent struggle Neil and I have had is our finances. There just doesn’t ever seem to be enough money. Finally tired of this trend, we both identified that we needed to do some major looking into our spending and where our money was going exactly. To help us with getting a true look at our money. We decided to do a no-spend challenge. What is No-Spend Challenge? A no-spend challenge really is exactly what the name says. Its a period of time where you challenge yourself to not spend any money outside of the specific parameters, you set…

  • DYI toddle outdoor play space
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    DIY Toddler Play Area

    So this post about our DIY Toddler Play Area was supposed to be live last Friday. We worked all day Thursday gathering final materials from around the house, finalizing our plan, mowing the space, and photographing assembly. Then the unthinkable happened. Neil began not feeling well and his symptomology was consistent with heart issues, such as a possible heart attack. So off to the Emergency Room with him while Max and I waited at home for news. The hospital determined, while it wasn’t a true heart attack, they felt that there was evidence of issues with his heart and admitted him for further tests and observation. He was in the…

  • Sunset Scene with Suicide prevention hotline information
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    I Almost Lost My Husband To Suicide…

    And I am a licensed therapist…No one is immune… So let us be educated about signs, signals and prevention. There is a reason they tell therapeutic and medical professionals that they can not treat their own family. There is something that happens to your brain when the stress of trauma hits close to home. It’s like all the schooling, all the training, all the knowledge just vanishes when you’re looking at one of your own on the wrong side of your profession. I have learned this lesson first hand. It is not a fun lesson to learn. What Happened A year ago, Father’s Day, my world flipped upside down and…

  • a line of raised garden beds
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    Raised Bed Gardens

    As a kid, we didn’t garden. With our food insecurities at times, we probably could have benefited from gardening. But it just wasn’t something that we did. Now, I do remember one year my mom trying to grow a garden at our rental house but I think that was the year the house was sold while we were living in it and we had to move unexpectedly. I know that my grandfather did a huge garden, every year of his life, but I never really helped him with it. Partially because I was a kid who didn’t think to offer and partially because I’d heard Dad’s “fun” stories of having…